TeacherLine Benefits

With PBS TeacherLine, you can quickly and cost-effectively earn continuing education units, professional development points, and graduate credit.

Convenience & Cost

PBS TeacherLine courses can be completed in the privacy of your home. Courses are inexpensive – the average national PBS TeacherLine course costs $350 for a 30 hour course and $430 for a 45 hour course. No outside materials need to be purchased – so no need to worry about purchasing textbooks or additional learning materials.

Time Commitment and Length of Courses

Class times are not scheduled. Class work can be completed at your leisure. Most PBS TeacherLine courses can be completed within six weeks. Self-paced courses only require a 1.5 or 3-hour time commitment. Unlike facilitated courses, the self-paced courses can be taken any time within a year of signing up.

Expert Facilitators

Thanks to rigorous training, our facilitators – all educators and content specialists – ensure discussions are relevant, assignments are clear and feedback is meaningful.

Versatile Learning Environment

Created with multiple learning styles in mind, PBS TeacherLine features not only reading and writing assignments, but also video and interactive technologies that make learning come alive.

Looking for more Classroom Resources? Check out PBS LearningMedia

WSIU and its PBS partners from across the state have launched PBS LearningMedia Illinois Edition, a new library of FREE digital media resources and support materials designed for the classroom, homeschooling use and professional development.

PBS LearningMedia is your destination for direct access to thousands of classroom-ready, curriculum-targeted digital resources. PBS LearningMedia builds on the strength of public media and is designed to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Resources are aligned to Common Core and national standards and include videos and interactives, as well as audio, documents, and in-depth lesson plans.

You can browse by standards, grade level, subject area, and special collections. You can also favorite, and share resources with your class and colleagues through folders and social media. Best of all, PBS LearningMedia’s basic service is free for PreK-12 educators. Learn more.

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