How to Watch

  • WSIU TV in Carbondale | IL Channel 8
  • WUSI TV in Olney, IL | Channel 16
  • WSEC TV in Springfield, IL | Channel 14
  • WMEC TV in Macomb, IL | Channel 36
  • WQEC TV in Quincy, IL | Channel 8
  • WSIU in Carbondale | 91.9 FM
  • WUSI in Olney | 90.3 FM
  • WVSI in Mt. Vernon | 88.9

HD1 is available for streaming at

  • WSIU Radio on iTunes
  • TuneIn Radio
  • WSIU Almanac- WSIU Almanac is a weekday feature that provides an overview of events, happenings, and history of the world around us. Each episode provides a little "slice of life" about the day.
  • WSIU InFocus- WSIU InFocusakes a closer look at issues around the region. From arts and entertainment, to science and nature, the environment, politics, and other topics people are talking about.
  • WSIU News Updates- WSIU Radio News Updates provides a daily podcast of the top local and state news stories as well as the latest weather information.