Kelsie Mullen—Social Media Assistant Intern

As part of its educational mission, WSIU offers internship and student-worker opportunities to the interested students at SIU. Through these positions, students get valuable, hands-on experience in the broadcast field with the production and marketing of WSIU programming. WSIU employs around 80–100 students in a semester.

Kelsie Mullen is a social media assistant intern in WSIU’s Digital Services department. She helps manage the stations’ social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter. Originally, Kelsie began her undergraduate program as a science major, but a pivotal trip to a campus job fair changed her career path. There she met Katrina Stackhouse, WSIU’s Assistant Director of Digital Services, and Karina told her about the social media assistant opportunity. At first, Kelsie thought marketing mostly consisted of sales, but the digital marketing field seemed to have so much more to offer, so she applied and received the internship. After spending some time in the job, she fell in love with the field and ended up changing her major to Marketing.

Kelsie is thrilled with the hands-on experience she’s gotten at the station. “WSIU has given me so many opportunities.” Through the internship, Kelsie says she’s gained skills that are directly applicable to getting a job in the marketing field, which she might not have gotten otherwise. “I’m very grateful for this experience.”

While marketing coursework provides the foundation for working in the field, the internship serves as a live environment to see those principles come to life and how they work in action. Kelsie especially enjoys learning how to use a variety of modern, digital channels to market the station, as opposed to more old school marketing methods.She also adds that the support system within WSIU is fantastic. There is always someone around willing to teach her new things—all she has to do is ask!

In addition to her internship at WSIU, Kelsie is on the campus dance team, the Saluki Shakers. She loves to dance in a variety of styles, but ballet has grown into one of her favorites over the years. She also has a passion for volunteering, especially with kids. She gets a lot of ideas for fun activities with kids from her favorite follow on social media, the PBS Kids Facebook page. She loves that they provide a variety of videos, crafts, recipes, and other fun activities that kids really enjoy, and she enjoys seeing them happy.

After she graduates in May 2019, Kelsie plans to seek a marketing director position in the Champaign area. She’d like to work for a non-profit or another public media outlet so she can continue the type of work she’s been doing at WSIU. Her ultimate dream would be to open up her own marketing firm and have a hand in a little bit of everything in the industry.

If you’re an SIU student interested in working for the station, you can reach out to the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts Internship Coordinator Alicia Guebert ( or talk to your academic advisor.

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