Meet The Patels

Meet The Patels Film Screening

Meet the Patels by Ravi Patel


Indie Lens Pop-Up is a media project that brings people together for film screenings and community-driven conversations. The project, which features documentaries seen on PBS’s Independent Lens, draws local residents, leaders and organizations together to discuss what matters most – from newsworthy topics to family, relationships, and more. Check back frequently for an updated list of screening dates.


Ravi Patel is almost 30, an actor, and, worst of all to his traditional Hindu parents, still single. After he breaks up with his American girlfriend, Ravi submits to his parents’ wishes and allows them to play matchmaker, helping him navigate through a system that has brought marriage to many others in his family. The true-life romantic comedy MEET THE PATELS explores the influences of culture and identity on the most intense, personal, and important part of one’s life — love. Learn more about the film.


Soumik Pal, a Ph.D. student in the SIU College of Mass Communication & Media Arts, and fellow members of the SIU Indian Student Association will share South Asian culture and experiences after the film.

Meet The Patels Film Screening