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OPINION: Why Ditching Processed Foods Won't Be Easy — The Barriers To Cooking From Scratch

Though a new study shows that eating unprocessed food is healthier, home-cooked meals require resources that food experts take for granted, such as money and time, the authors of a new book argue.
Community Events

WSIU Almanac: May 24th, 2019.

The annual Memorial Day service at Carbondale's historic Woodlawn Cemetary will be held on Monday May 27th, 2019. Seating for this yearly service is...

Survivor Of Deadly 1983 Beirut Bombing: 'We Don't Talk About It Much'

Navy hospital corpsman James Edward Brown wasn't far from U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983 that were the target of a terrorist attack. At StoryCorps, Brown remembers what he saw that day.
New Music

New Music Friday: Our Top 7 Albums Out On May 24

The best new albums out this week include a stirring call for social justice from soul and gospel legend Mavis Staples, rapper YG's remembrance of Nipsey Hussle, lo-fi rock veteran's Sebadoh and more.
Movie Interviews

Amy Poehler Leads A Girls' Trip With 'Some Of The Funniest People In The World'

For Rachel Dratch's 50th birthday, Poehler gathered her friends and fellow SNL alumni for a vacation to the Napa Valley. For her directorial debut Wine Country, she basically did the same thing.

Julián Castro Wants To Redefine Which Immigrants Have 'Merit'

The Democratic presidential candidate wants to decriminalize border crossing and argues that President Trump's proposed "merit-based" immigration system "says that only certain people have merit."

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May To Step Down June 7

May had been under intense pressure from lawmakers to step down after her plans for Brexit were repeatedly rejected. Conservative lawmakers will now begin to consider her replacement.

Botswana Lifts Its Ban On Elephant Hunting

Fewer than 400 licenses will be granted annually, the government of Botswana said Thursday. Conservationists are decrying the decision as horrific and unethical.

Facebook Removed Nearly 3.4 Billion Fake Accounts In Last Six Months

Nearly all the phony accounts were caught by artificial intelligence and a boost in human monitoring. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said breaking up the company would make purging abusive accounts harder.
TV Reviews

'All In The Family' And 'The Jeffersons' Revival Delivers Nostalgia — For What?

ABC's two-hour live special re-created classic episodes of celebrated sitcoms with famous actors — and original creator Norman Lear. TV critic Eric Deggans found it both triumphant and bittersweet.

U.K. Votes For European Parliament, Even As Many Long For The Day Outside The EU

As many pro-Brexit voters express nostalgia for an earlier time in the country's history, the governing Conservative Party could face a humiliating defeat in European elections.
Mark St. George

WSIU Presents: "A Bad Deal: My Vietnam War Story"

Jennifer Fuller talks with WSIU Producer Mark St. George, who directed "A Bad Deal: My Vietnam War Story."
wsiu news update

WSIU News (AM Update - 5/23/2019)

Jenna Dooley and Jennifer Fuller report the morning's news for Thursday, May 23:
NPR Category

WSIU Almanac: May 23rd, 2019.

In Mount Vernon, Free music takes place at the Thursday Night Live events held at Cedarhurst. In addition to live music, Art Programs and Art Activities...

IEA Urges Lawmakers to Lift the 3% Pensionable Salary Cap for Teachers

The Illinois Education Association is urging lawmakers to lift the three percent salary cap for teachers' pensions.
Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkey Harvest Up in Illinois

Illinois hunters harvested more than 15-thousand wild turkeys during the spring season, up from nearly 13-thousand-500 last year. The Illinois...
wsiu news update

WSIU News (AM Update - 5/22/2019)

Dan Klefstad and Jennifer Fuller report the morning's news for Wednesday, May 22:
Community Eents

WSIU Almanac: May 22nd, 2019.

In Murphysboro, Sallie Logan Public Library is hosting a Thursday night crafting group which meeets at 10:00AM. To learn more browse to: http:/...

Audio: SIU Board of Trustees Working Session (5/15/2019)

SIU Trustees met in Carbondale on May 15 to hear updates on the SIUC Reorganization Proposal, along with a presentation from the Illinois Education...

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